Friday, October 31, 2008

One Week. Three Events.

Next week promises to be an interesting one (besides the obvious. Vote!) Here are the highlights:

On Wednesday, the monthly design conversation in Baltimore comes to the Wind Up Space. We're working out ways to record these conversations, so if you can't make it in person, you will be able to follow what was discussed and to contribute to the dialogue (stay tuned for a functioning Web site soon...)

On Thursday, I head to Philly to join a team of bloggers covering a symposium titled Re-imagining Cities: Urban Design After the Age of Oil. The symposium is sponsored by Penn State, The Rockefeller Foundation, and The Next American City magazine. It will, according to the organizers, "address the role of urban design in the face of one of the most profound and important challenges facing global society: the need to re-imagine and rethink how cities are designed and organized in a future without the plentiful and abundant oil upon which prosperous urban economies have been built."

The line up is incredible and includes Elizabeth Kolbert of the The New Yorker, author and professor David Orr, Lance Hosey of William McDonough + Partners, and Stephen Kieran from KieranTimberlake Associates. There will be planners and designers from all over the world participating in plenary sessions. By the end, participants and speakers will work towards drafting a manifesto for urban planning in an age after oil. The event is sold out, but you will be able to follow everything live online at The Next American City, as well as on the sites of all of the participating bloggers (see what Treehugger had to say about this):

Lloyd Alter, Treehugger
Ryan Avent, Grist
Nate Berg, Planetizen
Andrew Blum, Wired
Randy Crane, Urban Planning Research
Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson Metropolis Magazine
Diana Lind, Next American City

When I return on Saturday, November 8, I will be joining a talented team of architects and designers to present a really compelling idea for green building in Baltimore at the Baltimore Bioneers Conference. We've been meeting in the wee small hours of the morning before work to develop this concept, and I am very excited about the direction. Our session is at 4:15 and is titled "Visionary Green Design and Development." For more information, click here. You should come and be a part of the planning for this breakthrough design idea.

Then, on Sunday, November 9th, I'll be napping.