Friday, January 30, 2009

Project M Lab

Outside Project M Lab in November, 2008. Photo by Luke Williams

In November I went to Project M Lab in Hale County, Alabama with a group from MICA's Center for Design Practice. I sat down with John Bielenberg for a Q & A and the transcript from our talk just went live on the Metropolis Web site. John is coming to Baltimore next month to help facilitate a meeting about the Center for Design effort here. Check out our conversation by clicking here.

And check out Project M's latest Blitz in Iceland, which happened this week. From John:

"My Project M team in Iceland just completed 7 M BLITZ's in 48 hours. That's 2 days from start to finish! The goal was to use design to do something positive, in the public realm, as a response to the current economic crisis in Iceland. They were required to produce a 48 second video to document the project. I'd like this to become a global movement among young designers."