Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Event: Monthly Design Conversation

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After a month hiatus for the winter holidays, the Baltimore Design Conversation is back! And it promises to be a good one...

Wednesday, February 4
6:30 - 8:30 pm
WindUp Space, 12 W North Avenue

In addition to the countless plans of the past, a plethora of plans has been created by/for Baltimore recently, including the Charles North Vision Plan, the Pratt Street Concept Development Plan, the Middle Branch Master Plan, the Sustainability Plan, the Bicycle Master Plan, One Park, etc.

What happens to these plans after they've been created? Why were they created in the first place? How can we improve the process of engaging everyone in the planning process? Do you have your own master plan ideas that you'd like to share?

Come to the next installment of the Baltimore Design Conversations on Wednesday, February 4th to discuss these topics and more. Several conversation-starters have been confirmed:

Eric Gordon (www.hub2.org)
George Kleb (Operation Reachout Southwest's SNAP)
Sarah Zaleski (Baltimore's Sustainability Plan)
Steve Ziger (One Park)

Additionally, an A/V system will be available for short impromptu presentations; however, if you know that you would like to present, please contact ben.stone@gmail.com before the 4th.