Friday, January 9, 2009

The Best of the Worst

This is wrong on so many levels. ‘Him and Her’ chairs by Fabio Novembre. All images from

allpaper magazine just released its annual Design Awards issue (where Kanye West was one of the judges), but an even more entertaining list is the online companion to the print magazine titled "And the Winner Isn't..."

"You can't blame a designer for trying, but sometimes even the best intentions fail. We've shown you the good, here's what we thought were the disappointing, contrived and just plain bad designs of the past year."

Some of their picks, like these top hat lights, are easy targets (as is the fishbowl with a detachable orange, 10-speed silicone dildo. You really have to go to the site and check this out).

The editors took particular glee in eviscerating designers meddling with other designers' work. The ass chairs above blaspheme the memory of the Panton chair and a classic Aalto stool is burdened by a designer's new fabric. They really didn't care for what Gwathmey did to Paul Rudolph’s Art and Architecture building at Yale.

"Architect Charles Gwathmey deserves plaudits for his incredibly sensitive rehabilitation of Paul Rudolph’s Art and Architecture building at Yale," they write. "It’s a shame then that his own extension to the same building was such an unimaginative, mismatched effort."