Friday, January 23, 2009

The Secret Life of Power Lines

Latitude: 42.01354 Longitude: -71.66617 and Half-Mile Radius by Adam Ryder. From the exhibit On the Grid.

Life's been busy. Lots of good stuff going on, including a research project that I hope will turn into a longer form publication (sometimes called a "book," but I hesitate to even whisper that word). There's also lots happening in Baltimore with the Center for Design and our monthly design conversations. More on all of these developments soon...

With life so busy—and with a lack of Internet connection at my home due to the wonderfully unaware and inconsistent folks at Verizon—my own blog has taken a bit of a hit. So lest you feel disconnected, you can stay informed via my alter blogging ego on Metropolis P/O/V. This morning I wrote about a fascinating research project involving power lines. Check it out here.