Monday, February 2, 2009

Vega Project

Poster design by San Francisco's Vega Project.

Last night during the Superbowl, my friend Brenda commented that the ads seemed to have a depression-era sensibility. Lots of slapstick, little depth, very vaudeville. Punching coffee drinking koalas -

San Francisco's Vega Project is channeling the downturn for their latest poster design. I met Danielle Gutherie, one half of Vega Project's husband-and-wife design team, on a trip this fall. She and her husband, Jeff, host a regular happy hour and this month, the theme was rationing:

We throw a mean happy hour!
This month we have been forced to get a financial bailout from the U.S. government to help fund our happy hour. We will be distributing equal rations of bread, vodka, sausage, and potassium

You can download the poster from their site. And you can keep up with their fertile design minds via their blog.