Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Night Light

Photographs by Gustavo Sanabria.

I remember walking though the city one blustery April day with a good friend of mine. The cherry blossoms hadn't yet bloomed on Charles Street in Mount Vernon and the wind was whipping up the usual urban detritus, particularly plastic bags. They blew about, inflated and took flight, like that scene in American Beauty. Most became ensnared in the tree branches, prompting my friend to say, "You know it's spring in Baltimore when the bag trees start to bloom."

I saw something on Apartment Therapy that made me think about the annual blooming of the bag tree. A Madrid-based art group called Luzinterruptus gathered plastic bags and created an illuminated flower garden on the lawn of the Prado Museum. On March 5, they installed “A Cloud of Bags Visit the Prado." It wasn't a sanctioned exhibit, and the bags were gone by morning when the cleaning crews arrived, but they managed to capture some excellent images of their work.

This group specializes in creating ephemeral (and illegal) light installments in unexpected settings around the city. I'm amazed at their ability to transform quotidian urban objects into glowing pieces of art. Just look at this holy cross made out of parking cones. I also love that they use the city as their canvas. Imagine the feeling of stumbling onto one of these?

And more images of crosses in the night: