Friday, October 23, 2009

Solar Decathlon

Illinois' entry. All photos of the Decathlon homes by Jim Tetro, U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

You can read more about my (rainy! cold!) trip to DC for this year's Solar Decathlon by clicking here for my Metropolis blog post. One thing I mention in that post is that the second place team from Illinois (pictured above) used a vernacular architecture for their decathlon entry. They channeled a classic gabled design that would feel right at home on the prairies of the Midwest.

Some other designs in the competition felt derivative as well...

The entry from Cornell:

Reminded me of the waste water treatment plant In Dundalk, Maryland:

The entry from Missouri:

Looks an awful lot like Shutter Shades:

The Arizona house, below, reminded me of the sloped glass sunrooms attached to some Wendy's restaurants, but I couldn't find the right image of a Wendy's online. Maybe I'll go snap a photo of the one on York Road near Belvedere Square...