Thursday, October 1, 2009

Building for the Better

The October issue of Urbanite magazine hit the streets today and it focuses on the built environment. I wrote a piece about the evolution of social design and how it's playing out in the city...

It’s November in Greensboro, Alabama, and a rare cold snap has brought frigid temperatures to this southern town. In a modest two-story house on the edge of Greensboro’s main street, five graphic design students and two professors from Maryland Institute College of Art are waking up.

There’s no furnace, just space heaters, so the MICA team is encased in sleeping bags in a room full of bunk beds. The scene resembles something from a sci-fi movie: frozen bodies cocooned in nylon, plumes of breath rising in the ash-gray light. Someone ventures to the kitchen to make breakfast. A carton of eggs left out overnight has frozen solid. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.