Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's (A)LIVE!

In journalism they call it burying the lede. It's when you put an important piece of information too far into the article. I did just that when I blithely mentioned in an earlier post that D:Center Baltimore is now alive and well and living on the Interweb. This is big news and it deserves its own special announcement. After a year of gathering, conversing, debating, the D:Center now has a mission, a vision, a path forward, and a virtual home online. (You can learn more about that path forward by downloading the report PDF at the bottom lefthand corner of the homepage).

So while Twitter tries to regroup, don't despair. You can focus all that social networking energy onto the D:Center blog. Be a part of design in Baltimore (and beyond!) and become a D:Center collaborator. If you have a design blog, you can upload a link of it to the homepage. Just click on the link that says "Share Your Blog" and the following will appear:

Once your blog is uploaded, it will appear on the Web site like this: