Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Abstract Urbanism

Howon by Hosang Park. Available on 20x200.

The Web site 20x200 has made a simple process for buying art. Jen Bekman, site curator, introduces limited edition prints online and offers them in various sizes and prices, ranging from just $20 to $2000. (Bekman also formulated a nice visual for determining how big a print really is:)

I like abstracted patterns found in everyday things, especially urban settings and rural landscapes, such as ike Frank Thiel's photographs of Berlin. 20x200 offers a few examples of what I mean:

Uman by Hosang Park.

Houndstooth Pattern in Parking lot at Disney World, FL by Alex MacLean.

Untitled, Neighborhood (Overgrown) by Chris Ballantyne.

Red Truck on the Back Road to Manigango by Raul Gutierrez.