Thursday, May 7, 2009

Photocartographies Artwork

Los Angeles Fashion District Quilt by Nikolas Schiller. This piece is a photocollage of highly detailed tesselations of USGS imagery.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I contributed an essay to a new book titled Tattered Fragments of the Map. The book (on sale now for $15) is part of a curatorial project that includes an exhibition in L.A. and a series of public programs. You can also purchase artwork included in the book and the show. Participating artists have donated editioned work to help raise money for the Photocartograpaphies project. Prices vary, but are all under $300.

If I can scrape together $250, I will buy this digital composite of Brooklyn by Adam Ryder.

I also like the below print by Noah Beil from his Berms and Drumlins series. He says: "By examining mankind's reshaping of the earth, I explore how we assign positive and negative values to anthropogenic landscape modifications. As human inhabitants of the earth, we are bound to affect the environment. How do we determine whether our modifications have a positive or negative impact on the landscape?"