Friday, March 20, 2009

The New Polaroid?

Lomo to the rescue: The new instant back attachment for the Diana.

When news broke last year that Polaroid was discontinuing its instant camera many were distraught (particularly John Waters, who has snapped a Polaroid of every person coming through his home for decades).

Lomography, the line of retro styled cameras with the cultish following, has added a new element to its Diana + camera. It's called the Diana Instant Back + and it uses Fujifilm Instax Mini format film, which the company is quick to say "is in constant production and easily available." The piece attaches to the rear of the camera and lets you develop images instantly.

Lomos are more finicky than your standard Polaroid, making it less of a a true point and shoot/documentary kind of a camera (I've got the Colorsplash, which is fun, but takes some getting used to). The possibilities for different photo effects, however, are vast. The Diana + has about 12 different attachments, including fisheye, wide angle, and close format lenses. You can get the basic camera with all its whistles and bells for about $240.

Pinhole effect.

Nighttime open aperture

Fisheye lens

Cross processed technique.