Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Dish

I had dinner a few weeks ago at Baltimore Pho, a new Vietnamese restaurant near the Hollins Street Market. In addition to an extensive interior renovation of a former Mexican restaurant, the decor includes a variety of plates with the imprint of a city skyline. They reminded me of something you'd find at New York's Fishs Eddy and I assumed them to be stock until I recognized what I believed to be the angular slant of the National Aquarium. It was the Baltimore skyline?

I think so...although when you compare the real skyline with the Pho skyline, you realize there are liberties taken, like buildings that don't exist (what's that pointed tower next to the World Trade Center?) and the fact that the slant of the Aquarium goes the wrong way. (Reminds me a bit of Muji's New York in a Bag, with its inverted mini MoMA.)

The front of the plate.

The back of the plate.

The actual Baltimore skyline.

And their logo reminds me of something else inverted...