Monday, April 19, 2010

Saved by droog

The first half of every year brings the onslaught of furniture and interiors shows, from January's interior shows in Cologne and Paris, to April's Milan Design Week and next month's International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. My favorite thing to emerge so far is the project Saved by droog, which premiered in Milan last week. Every month some 500 companies in the Netherlands go bankrupt, prompting Dutch design collective droog to wonder: where does their stuff go?

So they started amassing stuff at auctions and liquidation sales—everything from furniture to handkerchiefs—and they acquired over 5,000 objects. Then they invited 14 artists to reconsider these items and create new objects.

Below is the Daily Handkershief by Studio Makkink & Bey

900 plain handkerchiefs are ready to be embroidered with selected articles from 30 days of news from around the world. You pick the news you want.

A simple folding chair...

...was transformed by designer Marian Bantjes. They were "manicured" by nail artists using polish.

The guiding manifesto behind Saved by droog:

we need a new design integrity.

we redirect creative energy.

we redefine the lifecycle.

we create ongoing value.

we start with what's easily available.

we want sensible innovation.

we redesign until we find an owner.

we care about where it goes.

we invite everybody to participate.

we celebrate the new owners.

we enable you to share.