Friday, August 15, 2008

Smoking without Cigarettes

Still from Mad Men

I've been catching up on the last season of Mad Men and boy oh boy does that show make you want to pick up a pack of smokes (and a bottle of whiskey.) The show is set in a Madison Avenue ad agency in 1959/1960 and Lucky Strikes are still handed out on the sandwich cart. It's the climax of the cigarette, that glamorous age before reality set in. Smoking was sexy and posing with a cigarette was a big part of the visual culture.

So what happens now that smoking is taboo? We're still fascinated with the concept, the body language, the idea of it. I've been noticing images evoking the idea of smoking minus the actual cigarettes. This month's Vanity Fair has a spread with actress Carla Gugino playing pin-up girl. Looks like she could take a drag off that chess piece.

And here's actress Mischa Barton "smoking" a flower on this month's cover of Nylon.