Sunday, May 4, 2008

Roller Derby Art

Charm City Roller Girls poster illustration by artist Kali Ciesemier.

The return of roller derby in America has played out in the news for a few years now (Drew Barrymore is directing Juno star Ellen Page in a forthcoming film), but the art that accompanies the sport has received less attention. Baltimore has the Charm City Roller Girls, and at a bout last night, I discovered the work of Kali Ciesemier. A student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Ciesemier's illustrations capture the spirit of the female-driven sport, with mix of classic art deco and contemporary kitsch.

I realize now that I've seen her work around Baltimore for rock show posters. Her website includes images of the full range of her posters, cartoons, and typography. She also just launched a blog, so you can keep up with her latest work. Here are a few non-roller derby related picks:

This poster just got picked up by CMYK magazine.

Deconstructing a letter.

Part of her series on eccentric millionaires

Typography and tattoos.