Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Strip Malls Make Me Sleepy

Illustration by Bonnie Ralston, Samuel Sherman, © The Museum of Modern Art 2008.

MoMA curator Paola Antonelli has posted a very interesting article on Seed magazine's website recounting a series of salons held at the museum around the topic of design. The series looked at the links between design and science.

"As science and technology accelerate the pace of society, design has become more and more integral to our ability to adapt to change. Indeed, in the past few decades people have coped with dramatic changes in several long-standing relationships—with time, space, information, and individuality, to name a few. Designers are translating these 'disruptive' scientific and technological innovations by providing thoughtful guidance and a collaborative approach. In order to step boldly into the future, we need design."

"What we're witnessing today is the emergence of a singular design creativity. Taking their cues from sources as varied as nanostructures, biological systems, topography, and cosmology, designers are introducing new areas of study and influence to their field and endowing their objects with new types of functional gradients."

Another interesting group exploring the intersection of science and space is the Academy of Neuroscience of Architecture. They study the ways in which humans respond to their built environment. During a lecture titled "Neuroscience and Architecture," Fred Gage of the Salk Institute in California noted that “the places we live, work and play are changing our brains and our behavior all the time.” In other words, environment impacts our brains and thus our behavior. So how about we stop building so much crap already?

Strip malls make me sleepy and sad.