Thursday, February 14, 2008

I (heart) Buildings

In case you missed it, last year was the 150th birthday of the American Institute of Architects. It's ok -- you can still send a card. They'll understand.

As a part of the celebration, they created a list of the 150 Buildings that Americans love most. And in honor of Feb 14th, I thought you might want to visit this list and see the rankings. You can vote for your favorite, and suggest ones that they missed.

I'm not exactly clear on how they ranked these. The fact that the Bellagio (22) beats out Falling Water (29) just doesn't make sense. Still, the fun part is all of the buildings you've never seen (or have forgotten about). I was surprised to find myself drawn to several churches. I never knew about this chapel in Arkansas:

Thorncrown Chapel

Or this Philip Johnson designed Cathedral in California:

The Crystal Cathedral

So Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy the architecture eye candy.